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Marek Tamm and Peter Burke, eds. Debating New Approaches to History

Debating New Approaches to History, edited by Marek Tamm and Peter Burke, consists of the twelve chapters on theoretical and methodological issues and new subfields of history writing. The volume is an updated and augmented version of New Perspectives on Historical Writing,1 edited by Peter Burke. The three chapters on the history of emotions, neuro-history, and post-humanist history are brand new studies that were first published in this volume. The two chapters on environmental history and history of visual culture in Burke’s edition appeared as updated in this volume. The other chapters on postcolonial history, gender history, history of memory, history of knowledge, history of things, digital history and global history were taken from Burke’s edition. Twenty four specialist scholars contributed to the volume. Taken together these scholars form an international and polyphonic group. This accords with Tamm and Burke’s conviction that history writing should be multi-centered: experts from different areas and age groups are more likely to convey different views within the discipline of history.

Elif Derin Can

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