A Page from the History of Islamic Science: Risala fi sabab zuhur al-kawakib laylan wa khafa’iha naharan (Study, Critical Edition and Translation)

In this article I examine the work entitled Risala fi sabab zuhur al-kawakib laylan wa khafa’iha naharan, which aims to explain why the stars only appear at night. I resolve some uncertainties about the title and authorship of the treatise in light of its manuscript copies and relevant biographical and historical sources. In addition, I determine the time period it was likely composed and suggest that Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi was its author. Analyzing the content of the treatise, I show that al-Baghdadi concluded that the reason for the disappearance of the stars during the day was that the strength of the sunlight outshone the light of the stars. Finally, I present a critical edition of the text as well as its Turkish translation. Tuna TUNAGÖZ
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