On Some New Approaches Related to Sunna Definition

The Sunna or hadith in the classical mean is defineted as uttarences, acts and consents of the Prophet . However, some new attempts are made with respect to definition of sunna today. These attempts may be gather two general title; The sunna definitions in West World and the sunna definitions in Islam World. In this study, we evaluated the definitions of sunna which made by the comtemporary researchers. In short Goldziher has studied to prove the diversety between sunna and hadith. Again, Schacht has applied the law sects before Şafi'i to widen this step. He separated distance sunna and hadith and definited sunna as custom or proceeding of society. He claimed to happen the expression of "the sunna of Prophet" later, namely at the same time with Şafi'i. Surely, these claims has been answered in the beginning and this activity is continueing. Yavuz KÖKTAŞ
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