Ibn Khaldun and Hegel on Causality in History: Aristotelian Legacy Reconsidered

The main thesis of the article is that Ibn Khaldun's and Hegel's approaches to causality cannot be reduced to a mechanical application of Aristotelian doctrine and that in developing their philosophies of history, both Ibn Khaldun and Hegel transformed the so-called Aristotelian doctrine of the four basic causes (which has its own problems). Their transformations of this doctrine were so profound that it is an oversimplification and a distortion to simply impose the Aristotelian scheme on their systems. Besides, the article argues that Ibn Khaldun and Hegel applied the doctrine of causes to the flux of history and their theological commitments led them to develop some sort of flexible, dynamic, dialectical, context-related notions that are quite distant from the Aristotelian original scheme. Ali ÇAKSU
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