The Life of Kınalızâde Ali Efendi and His Work of Ahlâk-ı Alâî

Kınalızâde Alâ'ad-dîn Alî b. Emrullah is an Ottoman scholar of XVI. century, who was born in H.916/A.D.1510 in Isparta. He was the father of Kınalızâde Hasan Çelebi who is the author of the book Tezkiretü'ş-şuarâ. He worked for Ottoman goverment as a scholar and a judge. He died in 979/1572 while he was (Anadolu Kazaskeri) The second Vice-chancellor of Turkey. Although Kınalızâde published quite a lot of book on subjects like the canon law of islam (fıkıh), exposition (tefsir), literature, his best well-known work Akhlâq-ı Alâî was about practical philosophy, which followed the trend of Nasîr ad-Dîn Tûsî's Akhlâq-ı Nâsırî and Jalâl ad-Dîn Devvânî's Akhlâq-ı Jalâlî. In this book, Kınalızâde analyses the practical philosophy in three sections, the ethics, the economics and the politics, like those of prior work on this subject. However Ahlâk-ı Alâî was not tought to be just a rephrasing, interperetation or expounding of the previous books, which covered these subjects before. In Ahlâk-ı Alâî, Kınalızâde reevaluated all the knowledge and the big cultural inheritance that were accumulated until his time in his vast articulation of knowledge, by synthesizing all of them without neglecting philosofical, religional, and literature aspect of the matters. Ayşe Sıdıka OKTAY
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