Presentation and Translation of the Fârâbî's Work Kitab al-Milla

In this study, we are presenting the translation of al-Fârâbî's Kitâb al-mille (Book of Religion) with our introduction. This work of al-Farabi contains his views concerning the practical philosophy. The issues which are delt with in this essay are very well fitted his views in his works Madîna al-fâzıla, al-Siyâsa al-madaniyya, Fusûl al-madanî. In this work al-Fârâbî stresses upon how the city which considers the most important element of the political philosophy can be governed virtuely. In this respect, as a philosopher relies on metaphysics, al-Fârâbî emphasises that the ruler of virtuel city must take Allah, the creator and ruler of the universe as an example. Additionaly, after starting that there are two ways of governing the city virtuely, he explains these ways. Later on, too, in the light of the relationship between philosophy and religion he tries to explain the significance and the function of religion in virtuel society. Fatih TOKTAŞ
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