Semerkand School of Mathematics-Astronomy as a Background of the Ottoman Philosopy-Science

In the first part of this study, the conceptual universe of the Semerkand School of Mathematics-Astronomy, which was one the most significant pillars of the Ottoman philosophico-scientific system, is described within its historical context; the mentality of those philosopher-scientists who constructed that conceptual universe is analyzed; and the ways in which, and the persons by whom, that mentality has been transmitted to the Ottoman land is examined. The second part presents the description of a lecture in the school recorded by Fethullah Sirvanî in his Şerhu't-tezkire fi ilmi'l-hey'e, who was an important member of the school, together with the translation and critical edition of his icazetname (diploma) that Sirvanî received from his tutor Kadizade. Then, this icazetname is evaluated with reference to the framework given in the first part regarding the School, and new issues and questions that this text brings into view about the known history of the Semerkand School are underlined. İhsan FAZLIOĞLU
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