Ibn Rushd's Thought on Dream in the Context of Peripatetic Philosophy

The aim of this article is to analyze Ibn Rushd's thoughts regarding dream. To acquire a better and qualified understanding, the article concentrates on the relationships between schools of Islamic thought, such as Islamic philosophy, theology and mysticism, with respect to dream. Secondly, since the topic of dreams is part of Aristotelian psychology, this study also explores the continuities and discontinuities between the Greek philosophy and the Islamic one. The views of Ibn Rushd on dream are evaluated under the following titles: the proof for the existence of dream and other divine perceptions; the mechanism of dream in the nature of human being; the agent cause of dream and its relation to human being; the symbols in dreams and the importance of dreamer's era and place; dream and sleep; the final cause of dream; the interpretation of dreams; the limits of knowledge that can be gained through dream; and the false dream. Atilla ARKAN
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