From Commerce to Colonialism: Hindustan and the British Supremacy in the 19th Century

The aim of this article is to show the socio-cultural and the political situation of the sub-continent of Indo-Pakistan in the 19th century. In this century the British domination in the sub-continent not only influenced the socio-cultural life of the people, but also persuaded some of them to a new interpretation of the religion and the life. However, while some of the Muslim intellectuals and the educated people denied the basic norms of the new civilization, the others adopted these norms and a modern way of life brought by the British. The opponents denied it, because the system that had been brought and established by the British, was not only contradicting the faith of the devout Muslims, but also changing administrative construction. As a result of this change Muslims lost their political domination which they had for a long period. In addition, the purpose of this article is to bring out the socio-cultural and the political struggle which was started against the British Imperialism by the Muslims. Durmuş BULGUR
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