Turkish Language and Literature in Babur's Court

The Indian geography is in the position of being a cradle for a grand civilization in which different cultural structures co-exit. Serving as a common roof for a number of different elements, the geography is characterized by a vast tolerance and friendly reception of the other. Throughout the history, India has perceived difference as diversity. The emergence of a rich tradition of literature in Turkish states which ruled in India between 16th century and 18th century, and the development of Turkish as a language of poetry along with Indian language, Urdu, Persian and other languages are typical examples of how any culture can secure a sphere of expression specific to its own within this geography. The development of Chagatay Turkish in a very special field in India, producing a rich legacy of literature, and the nature of the tradition of reciting Turkish poems in Bâbur palace are very significant in the history of literature. The Turkish manuscripts we discovered during our field studies in India will shed a light on the socio-cultural studies in this area. Ali Fuat BİLKAN
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