A Neo-Platonic Work Attributed to al-Farâbî: Risâla fî'l-'Ilmi'l-İlâhî

What this article offers is twofold. It offers, in the first place, a brief background to the history and discovery of a medieval tract entitled Epistle on Divine Knowledge, which is attributed to al-Farâbî but which in fact is a combination of the various parts of Plotinus' the Enneads. Secondly, it has as its greater portion the translation of that epistle based on the comparison of its editions by Badawi in his Aflâtûn 'inda al-'Arab and by Paul Kraus as it appears in Anawati's Études de Philosophie Musulmane, taking the edition of the former as exemplar for translation. Added to the translation are the parts of the Enneads that are parallel to those found in the Epistle for ease of comparison. Fehrullah TERKAN
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