Turkish translation of the Muqaddimah in the Ottoman period

Ibn Khaldûn's Muqaddimah has emerged as one of the most frequently read books within the classical and post-classical Ottoman intellectual and political world. His views have attracted many followers among the social and political thinkers. The first five sections of the text have been translated by Şeyhülislam Pîrîzâde Mehmed Sâhib Efendi in the first half of the eighteenth century, while the sixth section has been completed by Ahmed Cevdet Paşa in the nineteenth century. The translators have not only transmitted the text from Arabic into Ottoman Turkish but they have also interpreted the Muqaddimah. This article aims to put forth the contributions of Pîrîzâde and Cevdet Paşa as a means to tap into the intellectual world of the late Ottoman society and thereby, to catch glimpses of the approaches of the Ottoman ulema and administrators to the themes covered in the text. Yavuz YILDIRIM
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