Islamic aesthetics reconsidered: On Islamic Aesthetics: An Introduction by Oliver Leaman

In his Islamic Aesthetics (2004), Oliver Leaman, a well-known scholar in the philosophy of art and researcher on the connections between art and religion, discusses the issue of Islamic art in a problematic way and from the perspective of philosophical aesthetics in contrary to the former descriptive and explanatory texts written on this issue. Leaman argues the view that the notion of "Islamic art" depends on generalization and is used without any corroboration, and what is more, most of the judgments taken place in the literature concerning the Islamic art are definitely unjustified. According to Leaman, in order to understand the Islamic art profoundly, one definitely must devote a great deal of effort and do an excellent research, which depends on particular instances, rather than being contented with hackneyed statements. In this paper, I will exhaustively criticize Leaman's book, and additionally, focus on the basic problems of the Islamic art with reference to Leaman's book. Cihat ARINÇ
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