Geopolitical Turmoil and Civilizational Pluralism

In this article my argument is that a EuroWestcentric world order does not now, and never did, benefit the vast majority of the peoples of the world. It was psychologically harmful because it failed to appreciate diverse civilizational traditions, exploiting the peoples and resources of these traditions by constructing self-serving rationalizations for dominance, and it refused to explore the multi-civilizational foundations of genuine universality and human solidarity. In this regard, the contemporary need for effective and legitimate global governance based on civilizational pluralism has been obscured, and dangerously delayed, by this latest attempt to achieve a monocivilizational framework of world order administered by the U.S. Government. This need arises from the growing borderlessness of human activity and its effects, whether it be related to protecting the human habitat from global warming and extreme weather phenomena (tsunamis, severe storms, heat waves, drought) or the growing dangers of wars fought with nuclear and other weaponry of mass destruction. Global governance is also needed in a robust form to deal with the problems of massive migration, human trafficking, financial flows, transnational crime, and disposal of toxic wastes. Richard FALK
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