The Aleppo-Kosovo Connection, 1909: An Attempt of Rebellion in Albania Against the Ottoman Constitutional Regime

In March 1909, Major Riza Bey Gjakova handed over a roll of papers to Recep, a discharged private who visited him in Aleppo on his way back to Albania. Being informed of the package, the police catched Recep and captured the papers, which appeared as fetwas of religous scholars of Aleppo and letters of Riza Bey written to Albanian chiefs in Kosovo, calling them to revolt against the Ottoman constitutional regime. Being timely with the 31 Mart Vakası (the counterrevolution attempt of April 13), this event was largely investigated by the government and many people were arrested, sentenced and exiled. The article deals with the details of the event and tries to contextualize the concepts of fatherland, nation, law, shari’a, and caliphate, as mentioned in the letters.
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