Engineering School of Robert College (1912)

The basic assumption of the research is that it has great importance to identify the foreign schools established in the Ottoman Empire in all respects, from the point of view of the fact such schools spread the language, religion and culture of the countries they are affiliated to, and serve for the imperialist ambitions of such countries. Establishment of an Engineering School/Department under the Robert College, besides being an attempt which was projected to respond the needs of the empire, this educational institution has caught its age with its education and staff, and took place far ahead its peers particularly by enabling the students studying on real machines at workshops for the first time, and furthermore, it has assumed the expectation on that the students will make important contributions on the duties they will be assigned to after graduation. Hence, the Engineering School which may be considered as a part of the renovation policy in the field of technical education in Ottoman after the Tanzimat period appears as a matter which needs to be identified in terms of intention of foundation, education staff and programs. Arzu M. NURDOĞAN
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