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The Making of the Avicennian Philosophical Tradition and Bahmanyâr’s View of Philosophy

Bahmanyâr ibn Marzubân (d. 458/1066) is one of Avicenna’s most famous first generation students. Bahmanyâr spent many years studying with Avicenna and participated in discussions with him on difficult philosophical issues. Bahmanyâr’s most important contribution was his role in transmitting the Avicennian philosophy to next generations. His student Lawkarî continued Avicennian school, which later influenced not only philosophy but also theology and Sufism in the Ottoman and Iranian milieus. His most important work is al-Tahsîl, which summarizes the Peripatetic philosophy as espoused Avicenna in his al-Shifâ, al-Najât, al-Ishârat wa’l-tanbîhât, Dânesnâma-yi Alâî. It presents a good discussion of Avicenna’s opinions on logic, metaphysics and physics. Bahmanyâr compiled his al-Tahsîl on the model of Avicenna’s Dânesnâma-yi Alâî. Bahmanyâr can thus be seen as the interpreter, compiler and transmitter of Avicenna’s philosophy. This article first gives information on his life and then discusses his understanding of theoretical philosophy and metaphysics and identifies the points he differs from Avicenna focusing on his al-Tahsîl. Mustakim ARICI
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