The Problem of Logical Consistency in the Classification of Words in the Hanafî Jurisprudence Literature: The Case of Pazdawî

Mabâhith al-alfâz, contain the rules which are needed for understanding and interpretation of religious texts. Because of that these topics are one of the important topics in Usûl al-fıqh literature. Who he had classified these topics in Hanafî Usûl al-fıqh literature is Abû Zaid al-Dabûsî. This classification is carried out by Sarakhsî. Than Fahr al-Islam al-Pazdawî combined these topics in a top category and carried them to the title of “Kitâb/Qur’ân”. In addition, al-Pazdawî, examined first the definitions of the whole terms existent in this classification before entering to full explanation and discussion. This classafication that had given its final shape by al-Pazdawî was accepted and preserved until today, by late period Usûl al-fıqh Hanafî scholars; although some differences in detail. However, there are some aspects open to critique at this classification for the logical classification criteria purposes. Some scholars as Abd al-Azîz al-Bukhârî, Ibn al-Humâm, Sadr al-Sharî‘a and Taftâzânî pointed out part of the critiques. However this article focuses on these critiques and proposes some suggestions to make the classification more consistent logically. Some of these suggestions belong to classical period scholars and some of them belong to us. Osman GÜMAN
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