The Patrona Rebellion and Janissaries: The Long-awaited Revolution Which Turns into a Nigtmare for the Ottoman Throne

1730 Patrona Halil Rebellion and the presence of Janissaries in the rebellion is the subject of this article. The article is divided into six parts, apart from the introduction containing a brief literature review. The study first revealed who the rebels were. Their neighborhoods and their entrenchedpartnership sections have been introduced. Then, the process of the janissary becoming the main power in terms of influencing and opposing the government was revealed. In the third part, the legitimacy of the sultan and the power before the Patrona Rebellion was evaluated, its suitability for the rebellion/uprising in the Ottoman political world was discussed, and the reasons for the revolt that directly concerned the janissaries were focused on. In the next two sections, the process of the rebellion was discussed; Along with the decisions of the rebels and their pressure on the new government, the behavior of all Janissaries in this process was examined. In the last part and in conclusion, the break in the political structure of the rebellion and the new threats to the power were tried to be determined.

Abdulkasım Gül
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