Mawlid: Its Historical and Religious Status

The celebration of the holy prophet's birthday (Mawlid) has been of great importance to the religious life of the muslim societies. These celebrations, which had not been known to be performed throughout the first centuries, had began to be done during the Fatimid period at the IV. (X.) century. The mawlid celebrations that had carried a political importance as well as a religious one for this state, had been performed by other muslim states afterwards with colourful and magnificient cerenomies, and turned out to be an important element of the religious life. In addition to the mawlid celebration itself, the religious legacy of the practices done during the mawlid celebration had been discussed by the scholars. While some of the scholars because of their attitudes towards bid'at had opposed to the mawlid celebrations totally, the others approved this practice, only opposing to the behaviours observed during the celebrations that were not religiously acceptable. Ahmet ÖZEL
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