The Islamic Madrasas in The Early Periods of Uighurians' Conversion

In this work, the important factors related to the adoption to the religion of Islam of Uighurian Muslims, who firstly accepted the Islamic faith not by war but by invitation and trade, and the spreading of this faith to the Uighurian geography and neighbours' lands, are exposed. The Uighurians who had quite experiences on education and instruction even before accepting Islam, tried to carry out this kind of professions in a disciplinal style, after accepting Islam. The most important institution which met the need of that profession is the Islamic madrasa which were built in this period. These madrasas which are kneaded with traditional and Islamic architectural features, besides some constructive characteristics, with their instructors of good quality, education method, the course schedules which are not restricted with Islamic sciences, rich library facilities, and tranquil study places arrived at the position of the important science centers and trained great personalities. İbrahim MUTİ
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