Iqbal Studies in Turkey

The aim of this article and bibliographic study is to make a contribution from the point of view of index materials to Iqbal studies occuring especially in Turkey as well as in other countries where Turkish language is spoken. In order to establish sure and strong relations between Iqbal, who was interested in the Anatolian lands having the Ottoman heritage, and the Turkish people living in those fertile lands, first of all, it is necessary that Iqbal is to be enough known. We think that two institutional developments are necessary in Turkey so that the Turkish people can learn Iqbal's real dimensions and studies on Iqbal can achieve a great depth in Turkey. First, an Iqbal Library should be founded, where one must find all what he looks for about Iqbal. Second, an Institute of Iqbal Researches should be established. Furthermore, a web site ought to be created in Turkish by this Institute, making Iqbal's works available to individuals all over the world who wants to reach Iqbal's works in Turkish. M. Cüneyt KAYA
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