The First Dutch Ambassador in Istanbul: Cornelis Haga and the Dutch Capitulations of 1612

This dissertation evaluates the granting of capitulations to the Dutch Republic by the Ottoman Sultan in 1612, and early years of first Dutch ambassador Cornelis Haga. The United Provinces, formed by seven provinces of the Low Countries in 1579, signed Twelve Yeears Truce with Spain in 1609. The truce was the beginning of Dutch primacy in world economy, which would last until mid-seventeeth Century. The States General sent Haga to achieve grant of capitulations by Sultan Ahmed I. Despite intensive opposition of Venetian, French and English ambassadors at the Porte, Haga fulfilled his mission and remained in İstanbul as resident ambassador. From Haga's arrival onwards, Vizier Halil Paşa provided all kinds of assistance to him in establishing diplomatic relations with the Porte. In a few years Dutch consulates were opened in major port cities throughout the Mediterranean. Haga remained in İstanbul for 27 years, where he came for a temporary mission. Halil Paşa's protection was always crucial both for Haga and for the Dutch merchants. This study analyses the story of Haga as an ambassador relying on his register book including all diplomatic correspondences of his embassy. In other words, the dissertation is a case study for granting of capitulations by the Ottoman Sultan and the diplomatic maneuvers resorted by other ambassadors at the Porte. Bülent ARI
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