How to Read A Contra-Textbook? The Hidâyat al-Hikma in Ottoman Madrasas

The topic of this paper is Abhari, who is one of the most eminent philosophers following Avicenna's tradition, who is the apex of Islamic philosophy, and his classic textbook Hidâyat al-Hikma read in the Ottoman Theological School. In the first and the second chapter of the article after brief information about Abhari's life is given, the content of Hidâyat al-Hikma is mentioned. The book consists of three chapters: Logic, physics, and metaphysics. There is also an appendix on the Hereafter. Numerous commentaries and supercommentaries have been written on Hidâyat al-Hikma throughout history. They have also been studied in madrasas and private lessons stretching from North Africa to the Indian subcontinent. In the third chapter the commentaries of Hidâyat al-Hikma and their supercommentaries written and read in the Ottoman madrasas have been studied. Some general thought on the Ottoman madrasa and commanteries' tradition have also been criticized. Abdullah YORMAZ
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