The Missing Ring in the Turkish Political Thought: Kemalism, Socialism and Islamism

In this article one of the most important problems of Turkish political thought is put forward as the “lacking of the political”. This lacking is depicted as a missing ring in the Turkish political thought. Without putting aside any trend in Turkish political thought, including each of Kamalism, Socialism and Islamism, the reasons of the missing or the underdevelopment of the political is examined. Having been thought at the basic level as the construction of man as a political being, as part of given antagonisms, and as a search for human self-determination, the political is questioned in terms of the approaches that hinder its coming to being. Being inspired by Carl Schmit and Slavoj Zˇizˇek arche-politik, para-politik, meta-politik, anti-politik and post-politik attitudes are determined and the negative impacts of each such attitudes in the emergence of the political are examined. The origins of several fatalist, conspiracy theorist, reductionist and stereo-typist tendencies are evaluated in the frame of these concepts. Finally the concept ictihat is rethought as a strong possibility for reestablishing the political in the contemporary political thought. Yasin AKTAY
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