A Tanzimat Bureaucrat and Intellectual: Münif Paşa and His Economic Thought

In addition to those in political and social spheres, Tanzimat period witnessed developments and transformations in Ottoman economic thought. What is primarily aimed in this article is a discussion of the evaluations of an Ottoman bureaucrat and intellectual, Münif Paşa, regarding the new, originally Western economic thought that began to develop in Ottoman realm within the political and economic context of 1840s. It is further aimed to relate Münif Paşa's evaluations to the contemporary agenda of economic thought and try to determine his contribution to the Ottoman economic thought. By considering his contemporaries who discussed and wrote about the modern economic thought developed during the Ottoman modernisation, this article seeks to locate Münif Paşa in his proper place in the Ottoman economic history. Hence, this article elaborates on the transformations that took place in the 19th century Ottoman economic thought and structure. Fatma Samime İNCEOĞLU
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