The Discussions of Modernism on Women in Turkish Story in the Era of the Second Constitutional Monarchy

The era of The Second Constitutional Monarchy (1908-1918) is an important stage of Turkey in the process of modernisation after Tanzimat. In this article, the problems of women reflected in the story in the movement of modernisation of constitutional Monarchy are studied. The article consists of the subtitles such as “the subject of veiling”, “different life zones of male and female”, “the demand of woman rights” and “the changing role of woman”. In the stories, the dilemma between traditions and modernism of Turkish women in the changing life of Ottoman Empire is emphasized. Although no one dared to mention the idea of omitting veiling completely in the stories, woman rights and especially the right of getting divorced are encouraged. With this study, we had the opportunity of observing the Ottomans within their collapsing period, and the Turkish people in modernizing process in the mirror of small stories.
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