Traveling Dervishes from Bukhara to Bursa via Bombay

It is well-known that civilizations have ?sine qua non? relations to cities. Islamic civilization has also some "exhibitionary cities", of which Buhara-Bombay-Bursa are utmost famous. The science, wisdom (irf_n), philosophy and art produced in these cities have bred and nurtured the peoples of this vast geography. An artist grown in Turkistan would arrive in Bursa through India, and sometimes a darwish from Kashgar who was educated by a Bosnian mystic would establish his dergah in Indian shores. In this article, these cultural exchanges will be addressed. In this context, how Kaside-i Bürde, which was written in the Nile valley has gained Babürşah's heart and how it shares the same love (ashq) with Delailü'l-Hayrat, which was written in the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is discussed. Mustafa KARA
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