Why is Pax Americanna Impossible? Comparing Chinese Ancient World Order with Today's American World Order

After the Cold War, the U.S. began to govern the world instead of competing for the global hegemony, which was revealed by the 9/11 event clearly. The 9/11 event did not break the US political cycle. Instead, it only adjusted the priority list, and changed the mode of achieving US interests. "Make contributions to the country," "make contributions to regional peace", and "legislation for the world" has become main platforms for Bush administration after Iraq War. The pursuit of rational interests, the pursuit of a satisfactory international order and the pursuit of legitimate hegemonist power has become the "main theme" of Bush's "governance of the world". According to Chinese world order of "All under heaven", if one achieves rationality, legitimacy and matching objectives of a hegemonist cause, one can achieve hegemony. Divergence or contradiction among the three will bring destruction to one's hegemony. It is possible that the United States is of no exception. However, after the Iraq War, the world witnesses the U.S. falling into the second situation, which indicates the impossibility of Pax Americanna. Yiwei WANG
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