Hunayn Ibn Ishâq and His School in the Translation Process from Greek into Arabic

As widely accepted, an eminent physician and philosopher, a perfect scientist and translator Hunayn ibn Ishâq is one of the most dominating figure of the Arabic learning enlightment of the nineth and tenth centuries. Beside his professional activities, Hunayn is well known for the contribution he made to the Arabic cultural reneissance with his practices, works, translations, style, method and the team he formed. Actually, the translations, editions and commentaries made by Hunayn and his school are supposed to be the cornerstone in Arabic science and the foundation of the Arabic knowledge. On the other hand as he was about fifty, he wrote a treatise for Alî b. Yahyâ on the works of Galen, and their translations made to Syriac and Arabic. The treatise is not merely an index of Galen's works, but detailed in many related points and many cultural issues are regarded as well, and furthermore the auther gave light to the famous Arabic translation process, its problems, solutions etc. Moreover, it cointains a lot of valuable data on the Syriac cultural history as well. In this paper I examined the data presented in the treatise of Hunayn from the mentioned points of view, and I solely focused on his evaluations without citing the commentments by the later sources and the researches of modern times to draw an easy and a complete scene of the process, as regarded by Huneyn himself, a leader of the process. Eyyüp TANRIVERDİ
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