Tanzimat and the Constitutional Era in the Province of Egypt

The history of nineteenth-century Egypt has generally been examined not as a province of the Ottoman Empire but as an independent state. Needless to say, the Egypt of the nineteenth century was an Ottoman province and it had an important place in the Tanzimat experince and Constitutional movement. The Proclamation of the Tanzimat Edict in November 1839 was somewhat related to the revolt of the Egyptian governor and following the Proclamation, the Porte made serious efforts on its implementation in Egypt. As an Ottoman province which had the experince of the “first majlis”, Egypt occupied a special place in developments that led to the constitutional regime. However, it should be emphasised that the primary factor that influenced the constitutional debates in Egypt in the second half of the nineteenth century was an indigenous reaction against foreign intervention caused by heavy foreign debts and the developments that led to the occupation.


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