“Prophetic Legislation”: An Examination of Avicenna’s View of Practical Philosophy

One of the main problems for whom studies on Avicenna and his approach to practical philosophy (al-hikma al-amaliyya or al-falsafa al-amaliyya) is his relative silence on this field and the reasons behind it. As the founder of the most comprehensive and effective philosophical system in the middle ages, Avicenna did deal with practical philosophy, which include ethics, economics and politics, scarcely in his philosophical writings. The target of this essay is to identify the reasons of Avicenna’s negligence practical philosophy through his ideas about the classification of rational sciences and his approach to the relationship between philosophy and religion, and to give some clues to the development of practical philosophy in Islamic philosophy after Avicenna.

M. Cüneyt KAYA
Makaleyi indir

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