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A Voice of the Tradition among Sîra Authors in the Second Constitutional Period: Düzceli Yusuf Suad

The Second Constitutional period, the most significant stage of the modernization of the Ottoman Empire, affected Islamic historiography and also historiography of sîra like it did in other fields. In this article in which it is aimed to deal with one of the sîra authors of this period Duzceli Yusuf Suad and his book Aqwam al-siyar, primarily biography of Duzceli Yusuf Suad whose name is heard only in Caucasus studies is indited and it is tried to complete the gaps in the literature. Then Aqwam al-siyar which is written in the Second Constitutional period and differs from other books about the life of Prophet by its some characteristics is introduced, and the debate in the press which caused by the work itself is handled. Critiques and responses asserted in this debate of which Kılıczâde Hakki is on the opposite side, are exposed in detail. Güllü YILDIZ
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