Can We Talk About A Tradition of Logic in Turkey? A Thematic and Bıbliographical Investigation

This article discusses the question of whether we can talk about a tradition of logic in Turkey within the context of a thematic bibliography. Because it is assumed that we can only talk about such a tradition with a bibliographical overview of directly related works. This study not only focuses on logic itself as a discipline but also examines it in terms of its function as a ground for all philosophical and scholarly activities. The bibliography entails the works on both logic specifically and on related areas, including the doctoral and master’s theses, as well as articles, books and conference proceedings, done in Turkey between 1928, when the “Alphabet Revolution” took place, and 2014. An original aspect of the study is its thematic focus. The reason for this is that we aim to determine the range of studies on logic based on different themes, thus also pointing out the issues that have been neglected, thereby helping those who want to study in this field to do a more detailed exploration. Finally, we aim to determine the main problems faced in the study of logic in Turkey. The most important challenge in this context is the fact that the many studies have been done with a strictly academic orientation in the form of studies on specific topics, which may have led them to neglect a concern for developing a sound conception of the history of logic. As a result of extremely specialization, they are extorted from their authentic historical perspective. A result of such an overspecialization has been the treatment of the concepts and problems of logic as if they are separate from the specific context of the history of philosophy, from which it has sprung. The best evidence for this problem is that we see very few works on the philosophy of logic (meta-logic). In additon to these, we also make a number of recommendations for future research in order to help re-construct our conception of logic in Turkey. One of them is the establishment of some instutions specifically focusing on the study of logic, including a “Logic Studies Center”, a “Logic Specialization Library”, and a “Journal of Logic Studies.” We believe that these institutions may play a major role in the formation of a tradition of logic in Turkey. The article also entails, in addition to the specific works on logic, studies on the philosophy of science and of language, and epistemology. The rationale behind this is the idea that logic studies cannot be complete without interaction with these neighboring disciplines. Mehmet ULUKÜTÜK
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