Divan 47


From Caliphate to Islamic State: The Main Paths and Problems of the Contemporary Islamic Political Thought

Contemporary Islamic political thought experimented with the caliphate-sultanate system, constitutional monarchy, republic, Islamic state, Islamic democracy and Islamic radicalism....

İsmail Kara
Max Weber on Politics, Reason, and the Clash of Values and Approaches to Ethics

This article investigates how Max Weber’s theory of value conflict is connected to his realist understanding of politics and how he conceives the relation of politics and ethics...

Manuel Knoll
Resignation, Dethronement, and Coup: Some Determinations on the Transformation of Power in the Islamic States

The change of the rulers in Islamic states points to a phenomenon in which the important issues of political thought, such as legitimacy, obedience-opposition balance, rebellion to power, the possibility to dethrone the head of the state and its legal position in the sharia, are intertwined...

Özgür Kavak

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