"The methods of teaching are still in old style": Educational Reform Activities of Ferid Pasha, the Governor of Konya

The unfavorable consequences of nationalism and missionarism in the Ottoman lands accelerated policies of educational reform during the era of Sultan Abdulhamid II (1876-1909). The activities of the Albanian Mehmed Ferid Pasha of Vlore, the governor of Konya (March 1898-November 1902) who later became the last Grand Vizier of the Hamidian absolutist regime, are worth to mention in this context. This article deals with the educational activities in this important Anatolian province through the correspondance of Governor Ferid Pasha with the central authorities in İstanbul. Ferid Pasha's report of September 1901 on the educational conditions of the province, which is analized and transcripted in this article, is of special importance. The governor investigated even the villages of his province for over three years before compiling this report, where he examines the educational conditions and problems of the province. Information given by Ferid Pasha on Konya is applicable to the whole Ottoman lands and presents the educational conditions of an old empire on the eve of the twentieth century. Abdulhamit KIRMIZI
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