Prophet Muhammad as a Ruler

Prophet Mohammad's mission comprises instituting the criteria for perfection of both individual spritual and social material lives. Prophet Muhammad's mission was not limited to rescripting the message, but it also included explaining and exemplifying it and leading the society that he was sent to and achieving a social transformation through creating a new societal model. The fact that Prophet Muhammad was the only prophet and leader in the history of mankind who achieved putting the political, legal, economic and social values that he brought into practice is a natural result of that mission of guidance and leadership. Prophet Muhammad was a human being and servant of God but the mission given to him and the incorporeal personality that his mission has brought in, distinguishes him from other human beings. On the one hand, the Quran adverts to Protphet's humane nature but on the other hand, particularly expresses his disparate status and authority. Since his mission was not confined solely to intellectual and spritiual advices but also icludes social, political and military activities to establish the Islamic ummah, obedience to him was established not only in the sphere of religious practices but also in social life. Hence, the verses revealed during the Medina period constitute the ground for realizing a rapid institutionalization in social, political, economic and military spheres as well as in religion and formation of a dynamic social structure. Ahmet ÖZEL
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