Al-Ghazali Translations in Turkish: A Bibliographical Sketch of the Ottoman and Post-1928 Periods

This article contains the bibliographical references of translations from al-Ghazali (1058-1111) in Ottoman and Modern Turkish. It covers two major periods, including the “Ottoman era” and the “Post-Alphabet Revolution era.” An historical survey of these translations shows that the translations of al-Ghazali s two most popular books, Ihya al-ulum al-din and Kimya-e Sa‘adat, were never fully published in the Ottoman period whereas his Tahafut al-falasifa was first translated during the Republican era. On the other hand, a pamphlet known as the translation of al-Ghazali’s Ayyuha al-walad and published several times during the Ottoman period, is actu-ally Sulaiman ibn Jara’s catechistic book, which has also been simplified and published several times during the Republican era. The present article also contains information on the first trans-lation from al-Ghazali after 1928, the first publication dates of his works in Turkish and their translators. Finally it gives a list of the published translations from al-Ghazali in alphabetical order. Yusuf Turan GÜNAYDIN
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